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Get to know takween residency mentors

Written by takween on 18/08/2019

Throughout takween residency program, participants were guided through a hands-on process of learning and self-reflection, and received direct mentorship from industry experts that brought them closer to their goal; whether it was in refining their products, improving their creative skills, embarking on new endeavours, or creating a sustainable business and effectively communicating the value of their work.

Our residents meet on a regular basis with their mentors, based on their individual needs and stage of design.

The three mentors are:

Fatina Asfour is an established fashion designer based in Amman, Jordan. Her brand, Kumbaz Fashion House, is renowned for crafting delicately embroidered and intricate designs. The aim is to construct pieces that exemplify our rich history while suiting the elegance of the modern woman. At a personal level, Fatina has a passion for the arts and design, and is an avid collector and supporter of local and regional talent. 

Fatina supports the residents in particular with the design development of their products.

Dima Shahin is a consultant specializing in business training, mentorship, and coaching for creative industries. Working closely with start-ups to define and understand their creative, social, and financial value propositions, Dima helps develop winning business models and have been a key contributor to the regional expansion and growth of several startups into medium-sized enterprises. Dima's experience includes investment management, business acceleration, business development and executive management.

Dima ́s role is specifically related to their needs in terms of business development of their idea.

Mothanna Hussein is a graphic designer based in Amman. He has a BA in Fine Arts from Yarmouk University. In 2010, Mothanna co-founded Warsheh with Hadi Aladdin. Six years later, he co-founded Turbo - one of the leading graphic studios in Jordan - with Saeed Abu Jaber. Besides the office, Turbo has an exhibition/pop-up space in which different projects take place. Mothanna is known for many outstanding projects that span different mediums and formats, such as visual identities, publication, and editorial design, infographics, as well as album and poster artwork.

Mothanna gives feedback related to photography and styling of the products of the residents.