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Photography Open House

22 December 2019 - 16 February 2020
Facilitated by:
Hussam Da'na
takween space

Photography Open House

For the months of December to February, you can get personalized guidance and feedback on building a cohesive portfolio. Hussam Da’na, a photographer and a visual consultant based in Amman, will be offering one-to-one sessions to assist designers on using the available tools, selecting and editing photographs for portfolio and social media, and advise them on how to produce a unique personal photographic style. 
Hussam will be at takween on Dec 22, Jan 5, 12, 26, and Feb 2, 9. Feel free to pass by on those days between 10 am till 4 pm. 

If you have any questions, contact us on our social media accounts or send an email to info@platform27.org

About Hussam

Hussam Da'na is a Jordanian photographer and visual consultant to several platforms and magazines. He received the Hans Jorg Wyss fellowship in 2017 and participated in the "Master of Art in the Public Sphere" program at EDHEA in Switzerland.

Hussam has collaborated with various local and regional projects and platforms such as 7iber, Amman Design Week, Eyen collective, Turbo, and brown book. His work has been featured twice at The “Recontres d’Arles” photography festival in France.

He is interested in public spaces/ spheres, art interventions, and street photography.